Residential Real Estate Agents: When is it time to get a new one?

Posted on 30, Sep | Posted by malickson

Nothing is written in stone; well, except things actually . . . written in stone. Buyers and sellers can fire agents AND agents can fire clients. Now, you do sign important legal documents that create the relationship with your agent and govern/control that principal/agent bond. You generally cannot, and really should not, fire a real estate agent on a whim. There are also restrictions related to firing a real estate agent and their right to compensation that are beyond the scope of this post (perhaps another time). Typically, the limiting factor in most contracts with real estate agents is time. You agree to work with that agent and that agent agrees to work with you for a specified period of time. Suffice it to say that like any other professional service provider, real estate agents are contracted vendors that deserve to get paid for their time and services. That does not mean; however, that they deserve to be kept or get paid when they are the “wrong” agent for you, if they do not do their job competently or if there are other fundamental disagreements that undermine the foundation upon which the relationship is based. You are paying for value and are entitled to get just that.

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Please welcome Stacy Adams of Fitness Together to

Posted on 19, Sep | Posted by malickson

One of the best things about having Trusted Referral Partners is when they agree to post something from their area of expertise. While I am sure nobody can ever get enough of my take on real estate and being a dad, I am honored to yield the floor to my friend and colleague Stacy Adams, General Manager/Nutrition Consultant at Fitness Together. If you are pregnant and looking for ways to exercise safely, check out what Stacy has to say in Muscle and Performance magazine (April, 2011), where she is featured.

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Picking the Right Residential Real Estate Agent: Know Thyself First to Succeed.

Posted on 7, Sep | Posted by malickson

In last week’s post, I introduced the topic of finding and working with real estate agents when buying or selling a home. We looked first at the question of whether or not you even need to hire a real estate agent. We learned that the answer to that initial inquiry lies in understanding what real estate agents do, what makes an agent great and what kind of client you think you will be. Now that we know what real estate agents do and what makes them great from last week’s post, it is time to delve into the most critical factor, you. Your wants, your needs, your personality – those are what will tip the scales in favor of one great real estate agent or another. Let’s dive in.

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Residential Real Estate Agents: When do you need one & how do you know if they’re any good?

Posted on 30, Aug | Posted by malickson

Real estate agents play an important and critical role in the real estate transaction process. No doubt about it. The value a competent agent can bring to bear is a game changer for everyone involved: buyers, sellers, other agents, lenders, appraisers, surveyors, contractors, movers, and, most importantly, settlement attorneys (okay, maybe not most importantly). The key, like many other vendor/vendee and principal/agent relationships, is to know when you need a vendor/agent, what makes someone a great agent and how do go about picking the right one for you. most of the agents in the game for the quick buck are long gone. Whether they were good or bad, they likely made a killing and got out; for them, hopefully not too late. Necessarily, those that remain are, by enlarge, the better agents who have seen bubbles before, know their trade and continue to provide quality to their clients. Still, it is an important relationship, not to be entered into lightly and there remain plenty of agents to avoid.

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